Articles – Avena clauda (Poaceae) – новый вид для флоры Восточной Европы

Avena clauda (Poaceae) – новый вид для флоры Восточной Европы

Botanicheskii zhurnal №10 / 2013 . – P. 1282-1287

Citation database: RSCI

Heading: Флористические находки
UDC: 582.542.11 : 581.95 47

Authors: Рыфф Л. Э., Свирин С. А., Евсеенков П. Е., Волошин Р. Р.

В двух пунктах Южного Крыма обнаружен вид, новый для флоры Восточной Европы — Avena clauda Durieu. Приводится морфологическое описание крымских экземпляров с указанием их особенностей. Дается характеристика мест и условий произрастания. Обсуждается проблема происхождения и перспективы сохранения популяций A. clauda в Крыму. Обращается внимание на ошибочность ранее опубликованных сведений о находке на Южном берегу Крыма A. eriantha.

Keywords: Avena clauda, Avena eriantha, флористические находки, морфологическое описание, Крым, Восточная Европа

Name in english: Avena clauda (Poaceae), a new species to the flora of Eastern Europe

Abstract in english:
Avena clauda Durieu (Poaceae) is reported as a new species to the Eastern European flora. It was found in two points of the Southern Crimea — Gurzuf and Sevastopol. It differs from the closely related A. eriantha Durieu, previously listed for the Crimean Peninsula, in more numerous flowers per spikelet, and in another mode of spikelet disarticulation. On the basis of morphological description of the Crimean specimens of A. clauda, their peculiarities are detected, and their intermediate taxonomic position between A. clauda and A. eriantha is assumed. Two versions of the possible origin of the Crimean population of A. clauda are proposed: allochthonous (adventive species-archaeophyte) and autochthonous (native species). We prefer the second version because it is confirmed by chorological, ecological and phytosociological data. A. clauda is a rare species, and as a crop wild relative is included in Annex II of the European Red List of Vascular Plants (2011). It also proposed for inclusion in the List of Protected Plants of the Crimea. The Crimean populations are endangered due to destruction of their habitats as a result of urbanization. Current occurrence of A. eriantha in the peninsula remains doubtful, since no herbarium specimens of the species have been collected there for over 180 years.

Keywords in English: Avena clauda, Avena eriantha, floristic records, morphological description, Crimea, Eastern Europe

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