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Анализ флоры хребта Чувальский Камень (Северный Урал)

Botanicheskii zhurnal №10 / 2013 . – P. 1212-1239

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Authors: Баландин С. В.

Приводятся результаты исследований элементарной флоры хр. Чувальский Камень (Северный Урал). Рассматривается систематическая структура, дается географический, экологический, ценотический, биоморфологический анализ, а также сравнение с другими близлежащими флорами Урала.

Keywords: Элементарная флора, Чувальский Камень, Северный Урал

Name in english: The analysis of the flora of Chuvalsky Kamen Range (Northern Urals)

Abstract in english:
The elementary regional flora of Chuvalsky Kamen Range (the Northern Urals) is studied. In numbers 367 species of vascular plants belonging to 195 genera and 66 families over the area 260 км 2. The parameters of taxonomic structure correspond with those typical of the Boreal floristic region. The geographical analysis has shown predomination of holarctic and eurasian boreal species. According to the spectrum of life forms and ecological groups, the flora is characterised as a meadow-forest mesophytic and moderate cold holarctic. The comparison with adjacent floras of the Urals shows that the vascular plants species composition of the Chuvalsky Kamen Range is most similar to that of the Bassegi Range.

Keywords in English: Elementary regional flora, Chuvalsky Kamen Range, the Northern Urals

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