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Происхождение и миграция криофлор

Botanicheskii zhurnal №8 / 2013 . – P. 937-956

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Authors: Гамалей Ю. В.

Сходство жизненных форм и структурно-функциональной организации альпийских и арктических трав — серьезный аргумент в пользу общности их происхождения. При сравнении термофлор палеогена и криофлор неогена установлено, что их представители различаются нижним порогом температуры, циркулирующей в сосудах жидкости. Специфика каждой из групп восходит к различиям температуры источников воды в термо- и криозонах...

Keywords: Криофилия, адаптогенез, жизненные формы, величина генома, фотосинтез, экспорт ассимилятов, происхождение трав, миграция, величина таксонов

Name in english: Cryofloras Origin and migration

Abstract in english:
Similarity of life forms and anatomical organization in alpine and arctic herbaceous plants is a serious evidence for their common origin. During a comparative research of Paleogene termofloras and Neogene cryofloras, it was established that their representative species differ in their low threshold of temperatures of the liquids circulating in their vessels. Specific character of each group goes back to the differences in water sources temperature in thermo- and cryozones. Materials on glacier origin and development are used for working on the problems of age, origin centre and migration traces of the cryofloras. Miocene age of the most herbs allows to propose that the herbs origin correlates with Alpine-Himalayan mountain system growth and glaciating. Herbaceous floras of boreal plains from mountains to arctic tundra could be derivatives of alpine herbs flux migration in the late Miocene and Pliocene. The migration of mountain cryophytes directs along the vectors of temperature decrease in the continents. It is accompanied by the speciation processes of divergention and hybridization. Taxa size depends on the distance of climate niche drift.

Keywords in English: Cryophilia, adaptogenesis, life forms, genome size, photosynthesis, export of assimilates, origin of herbs, migration, size of taxa

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