Articles – Особенности мейоза при микроспорогенезе у Picea obovata (Pinaceae) при интродукции

Особенности мейоза при микроспорогенезе у Picea obovata (Pinaceae) при интродукции

Botanicheskii zhurnal №12 / 2020 . – P. 1207-1220

DOI: 10.31857/S000681362012011X
Citation database: Scopus

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Authors: Бажина Е. В., Седаева М. И., Муратова Е. Н., Бажина Е. А.

Представлены результаты исследований мейоза при микроспорогенезе у ели сибирской (Picea obovata Ledeb.) в условиях интродукции. Выявлены особенности мейоза – четко идентифицируются все стадии профазы первого деления, значительная асинхронность делений не только у разных деревьев, но и в пределах одного микроспорангия. Отмечены особенности ориентации веретен деления и нарушения развития на разных стадиях. Спектр нарушений был меньше, чем у ели сибирской в естественных популяциях Сибири. Особенности развития мужских репродуктивных структур свидетельствуют о наличии высокого адаптивного потенциала ели сибирской в условиях изменяющейся среды.

Keywords: ель сибирская, развитие мужских генеративных органов, мейоз, нарушения мейоза

Name in english: Peculiarities of meiosis at microsporogenesis in Picea obovata (Pinaceae) under introduction

Abstract in english:
Investigating the tolerance of plant reproductive systems to environmental changes has become a research priority under current climate change scenarios. The results of the investigations of meiosis at microsporogenesis in Siberian spruce (Picea obovata Ledeb.) under introduction are presented. The meiosis in the Siberian spruce plantation established in the Forest Arboretum of the Sukachev Institute, Russia, was studied in 2018. The microsporogenesis pattern found for the Siberian spruce appeared to be largely similar to that exhibited
by other conifer species. The meiosis in the Siberian spruce has the following characteristics: identification of all stages of prophases I; asynchrony in different trees as well as in different meiocytes of the same tree and the same microsporangium; parallel and perpendicular as well as linear spindle arrangements at different meiosis II; irregularities of development at different stages. Some specific meiosis irregularities have never been revealed in natural populations of Central Siberia. The investigations of plant ontogenesis in new conditions of growth show the response of the plants on climate change. The specific features of meiosis identified in the spruce trees growing ex situ indicated high resistance of male reproductive structures to climatic changes.

Keywords in English: icea obovata Ledeb., meiosis, microsporogenesis, introduction, chromosomes, meiotic irregularities

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