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О функциональной структуре луговых и лесных сообществ

Botanicheskii zhurnal №4 / 2012 . – P. 496-511

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Authors: Лебедева В. X., Тиходеева М. Ю., Ипатов В. С.

Проведен анализ пространственной и функциональной структуры суходольного луга, определена ценотическая роль основных луговых видов; проведено сравнение соотношения факторов, определяющих функциональную структуру различных луговых и лесных сообществ.

Keywords: структура сообществ, луга, леса

Name in english: On the functional structure of meadow and forest communities

Abstract in english:
We described the spatial and functional structure of the upland meadows and defined the role of major cenotic dominant species. It is shown that Avenella flexuosa, Festuca rubra and Stellaria holostea are strong edificators and have a negative impact on the abundance of related species. Little edificatory effect is found of Helictotrichon pubescens, Agrostos tenuis and Alchemilla vulgaris. It was found that the edification force of a species is determined by its life form, the quantity of formed phytomass, autonomic activity type, as well as the presence of codominants. We have compared the functional structure of two variants of upland meadows differing in richness and soil moisture. Comparison of the functional structure of forest and meadow communities showed that in the meadoms relationships between species have more influence than habitat factors, whereas in the forests their roles are equal. It was determined that more than a half of the variation in plant communities due to the relationships between species, including the impact through transformation of the habitat.

Keywords in English: community structure, meadows, forests

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