Articles – К систематике Agrostis matsumurae (Poaceae)

К систематике Agrostis matsumurae (Poaceae)

Botanicheskii zhurnal №10 / 2011 . – P. 1369-1375

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Heading: Систематические обзоры и новые таксоны
UDC: 582.542.1

Authors: Курченко Е. И., Кондо К.

Проведен номенклатурный анализ Agrostis matsumurae Hack. ex Honda, обоснован таксономический статус вида, составлено расширенное морфолого-анатомическое описание вида, выявлен лектотип, дана его фотография.

Keywords: систематика, Poaceae, Agrostis matsumurae

Name in english: On the taxonomy of Agrostis matsumurae (Poaceae)

Abstract in english:
A nomenclatural history of Agrostis matsumurae Hack. ex Honda was analysed. The species is closely related to A. clavata Trin. and occurs on the Southern Kuril Islands, in Japan, China and Korea. Herbarium specimens in the Natural Science Museum, Tsukuba (TNS) and Department of Botany, Tokyo University Museum (TI) were studied. We described new morphological and anatomical characters distinguishing A. matsumurae from A. clavata. These characters along with specific seasonal rhythm of growth and geographical range support the species status of A. matsumurae Hack. ex Honda. The lectotype of the species was found in the Herbarium TI.

Keywords in English: taxonomy, Poaceae, Agrostis matsumurae

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